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Why does unclaimed money exist?

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Unclaimed money is based on "inactive personal and business accounts", "extended inactivity on a personal and business accounts", or "the inability to find the original owner(s)", of the accounts. If an account is inactive or has inactivity between 3 to 7 years, and a credit balance remains; the balance will eventually be turned over to government, as a refund. Also, if a business shows a credit within their accounting, for a personal or business account, they must escheat that credit to government, within a certain period of time, as a refund. If the business doesn't escheat the credit, they will be penalized, financially, by the government. The role of the government, regarding unclaimed property, is to find the original owner(s) and return the money, which is why the government uses; Refund Recovery Specialist.


Over 15 Years Experience.

Financial Claims Researcher has been processing unclaimed money for over 15 years, so the money is real. There is over 58 billion dollars in unclaimed money. Over 90% of Americans that are entitled to the money, do not know that it exists. Government agencies are no longer paying interest, but they are collecting interest on your money. Why allow them to do this? Collect interest on your own money; by investing it, take a vacation, pay some bills, buy a new stove, use it as a down payment on a car, or give it to charity. The government can always print money, you can't.

What type of accounts are submitted to the government as unclaimed money; pensions, life insurance, uncollected law suits, unpaid accident claims, escrow check deposits, stocks, bonds, old savings account, old checking accounts, worker compensation benefits, credit balances, overpayments, unpaid invoices, death benefits, commissions, court settlements, bankruptcies, endowments, garnishments, gift certificates, inmate trust funds, interest checks, IRAs, layaway deposits, CD accounts, vendor payments, earthquake insurance refunds, royalties, salaries/wages, money orders, traveler checks, annuities, dividends, municipal bonds, mutual funds, securities, warrants, and many other types of funds?



There has been rumors that some government agencies are trying to change the laws regarding unclaimed money. It is rumored that they want to assume complete control of all unclaimed monies, because of the extended periods of holding the money, and the lack of processing of claims by the original owner(s), or their heirs  In other words; the government may be trying to seize complete control of your money, for themselves. If you don’t claim it, you may lose it, eventually.

Financial Claims Researcher has never had a problem with a customer’s personal information, or the rightful customer receiving their money. We’ve recovered money for numerous people. We’ve recovered money to help people save their homes. We’ve recovered money to help people pay their rent. We’ve recovered money that people didn’t know they had. If in doubt, check out the testimonies, below. So, do your due diligence in researching our company, because the money is real.